Monday, December 13, 2010

Return of the Bear

Saturday night was the X-Mas Underground event at the Minicine, and boy howdy was it funnn. Lots of cool things went down, and nudity was pretty much the trend of the night. Most importantly, The .357's played their reunion show, which was pretty much localized chaos. Just as SMM inspired Drew and I to make Unfair, I think it's time to either do a reunion show of our own or start some random project. We're all getting older after all, and who knows how long we have left? I mean, dancing is now a cardio-workout, and everyone seems to either have a career, kids, or a degree. Most of us no longer belong to "a scene," and have become true individuals for once, instead of copying dudes from the early 80s and sticking safety pins on everything. Not that it's fake if you're doing that, but seriously, can you tell me who the first guy was to start putting safety pins and studs on his jacket? I didn't think so. Be yourself.

PS: Beowulf is freaking epic. Literally.

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